What You Can Do When There's No Internet Connection

You are supporting a customer remotely but suppose that you (or they) have no Internet connection. What's next?

Surely, you might drive on site and charge some extra for that. Still, this is not a win-win situation. The customer won't be happy to pay twice (or whatever) the normal rate. And no matter how much they pay, you lose a lot of time on the road. Also, the customer may as well try and find another support guy in the immediate vicinity.

You might want to somehow dig to the roots of the problem by phone. Sounds okay. The customer is not getting charged an extra, and you don't have to drive anywhere.

But what if you need to have a look at the customer's troubled software or operating system, and you simply don't have it? You could spend literally hours on the phone trying to figure out the names of menu items and the content of dialog boxes. You can find screenshots on the web (or you can't - it depends). What if you could just have some sort of "GUI prototype" of the troubled software... Well, you can!

http://networkoverload.com/ pretty much solves the issue of the "whisper down the lane" sort of communication.

You can now not only gaze at static screenshots but click and surf the apps and OSes. Of course, the list of software includes the most popular stuff only, but it's still rather impressive!

This way, you can now clearly and concisely instruct your customer about the software that you don't actually have. You can know where exactly they are and what are the possible outcomes of their course of actions.

Bottomline, that tool may certainly save you some time and it is worth considering. Especially, given that it's free of any charge.