Helping Clients Get Online – Checklist

Remote support saves time and effort but what if your user can’t get online? This simple troubleshooting checklist helps you get connected. It might be useful even for experienced technicians, especially at the end of a long business day.

Before taking steps to solve the issue it is good to know what is happening. Ask user:

Checking power supply


Checking network connectivity


Checking networking devices

Though the physical connections look OK, the problem might still lie in networking hardware: router, access point, network adapters (wired or wireless). Check:

Still, if the LEDs are blinking and look fine:

Checking operating system/software problems and further diagnostics

Here the checklist is pretty simple as well:

Actions that can be taken:

Third-party software problems

We’ve checked browser, firewall and antivirus. If some traffic monitoring software like GlassWire is installed, it’s a good idea to check: