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Remote Desktop in Windows 10

Windows Remote Desktop Services

Since the beginning, Windows has offered many useful features out of the box. Sadly, they were often unknown to the customers, so they looked for the wheel reinvented by a third party. In this article we will try to investigate what Microsoft offers to its customers in terms of remote access (both to physical or virtual machines).

Remote Desktop - Firewalls

RDP connection failures is a pretty common problem that people come across when trying to access their computers remotely. The problems behind this may be as follows.

Remote access from Guest accounts

On public computers, you’d often find that no executable files (EXEs) are allowed to run. This is for a reason, of course: a computer with Internet connection is a valuable resource and thus a target for exploits. Antivirus is not a sufficient defense for publicly accessible computers, and even executable file restrictions do not guarantee your computers are safe.

Executable error message

WiFi on Windows 10 (and other versions): problems, solutions, tips

WiFi is among today's most widely used technologies. While mobile broadband is readily available and sometimes even cheap, WiFi is still very popular. People use it almost everywhere: at home, at work, in public places. Tech savvy folks create ad-hoc access points to share mobile Internet. While WiFi is very handy, users often have problems with wireless networking. In this post we try to cover some simple tips and workarounds for the most common problems and provide some advice and insights on how it should work.

WiFi info screen

Computer power supply guide - Part 1

This guide helps you to choose a power supply unit for your computer. All important information is gathered in one place, so no excessive googling and long reads are necessary.


This is part 1 and it will quickly explain why buy a computer case and PSU separately, what gold/silver/bronze power ratings really are, as well as some other important aspects.


computer power supplies

Computer power supply guide - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the computer power supply unit guide.


We'll talk about fans, cables and choosing PSU make and model.


computer power supplies

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What You Can Do if Windows Updates are Too Slow


Windows Update is known as a relatively reliable way for installing updates for most Microsoft products. Normally, it can be done automatically with minimum intervention by user. However, the number of updates has grown, and as of now Windows 7 needs more than 200 updates to be installed. 

Maximizing Remote Access And Remote Desktop Security

VNC and OpenSSH


Remote access is obviously a very sensitive (often we’d call it intimate) matter. So, security is a major concern here. Many remote desktop software vendors claim their products are secure, but sometimes the details are a bit vague. Let’s try and figure out what we need to know when choosing remote access tools.

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