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Computer power supply guide - Part 1

This guide helps you to choose a power supply unit for your computer. All important information is gathered in one place, so no excessive googling and long reads are necessary.


This is part 1 and it will quickly explain why buy a computer case and PSU separately, what gold/silver/bronze power ratings really are, as well as some other important aspects.


computer power supplies

Computer power supply guide - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the computer power supply unit guide.


We'll talk about fans, cables and choosing PSU make and model.


computer power supplies

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What You Can Do if Windows Updates are Too Slow


Windows Update is known as a relatively reliable way for installing updates for most Microsoft products. Normally, it can be done automatically with minimum intervention by user. However, the number of updates has grown, and as of now Windows 7 needs more than 200 updates to be installed. 

Maximizing Remote Access And Remote Desktop Security

VNC and OpenSSH


Remote access is obviously a very sensitive (often we’d call it intimate) matter. So, security is a major concern here. Many remote desktop software vendors claim their products are secure, but sometimes the details are a bit vague. Let’s try and figure out what we need to know when choosing remote access tools.

404 Day - Time for a 40.4 Per Cent Discount




Guys, a 404 isn't always a bad thing. For us, the 404 day (April 4) is a nice time to throw in a 40.4% discount (you save 121 USD). This way, 404 is not only fun, it saves you money!


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DeskRoll Team.

An Instant Messaging Guide to Privacy

We surely want all our private conversations to stay private. This is but simple and natural for any person. If we text or voice chat with someone, we want to be sure this space is personal and well-protected. Especially given that we occasionally send sensitive information that may be related to our family, health or business.

RE: Windows 10, so eager to get to your PC. Again


We traditionally welcome the new mildly obtrusive offer from Microsoft. This time, of course, we are urged to upgrade to Windows 10. Not only are we urged, but rather Windows 10 makes broadband haste to our PCs, without much ado (or permission).


We couldn’t let this pass unattended, so here’s a quick how-to on removing the unwelcome guest.

IPv6 and What It Brings To The Table

IPv6 is a network layer protocol which provides addressing and routing between hosts in a network. This is a new version that will supersede the older one (IPv4) someday. It also brings new features and aims to solve some problems, including the notorious depletion of available addresses for hosts. This is the main problem that exists today with IPv4.

Making Internet Access Safer: DNS Security


No doubt Internet has dramatically changed the way people live and work. All this has been made possible by a set of different technologies. But nothing is perfect. Those technologies are not an exception. One of the core parts of the Internet is the Domain Name System. DNS does have certain issues but the respective organizations are working hard to continuously improve it. Below we’ll explain what DNSCrypt is and how it helps users, and we’ll provide instructions how to set it up.