How Non-IT Companies Benefit from Remote Access

How Remote Access Saves Your Time and Money


Working on your computer from another computer is nothing new. Then why is it so popular, even among those who are not IT pros or computer enthusiasts? Also, what does remote access mean for your business? 

Quite obviously, you save on travel costs and you save your time. On top of that, in this digital age you get the ability to be in many places at a time. Isn’t that the dream of almost anyone nowadays? Remote office has proven to be one of the basic remote access scenarios nowadays. 

What if your customer or partner wants to show their data without copying/publishing it? Remote presentations and meetings are yet another good use for remote access tools. 

Then imagine your employee asks you for instruction/assistance. And you are away on a business trip. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. This especially holds true when explaining how to do something on a computer. You can see what is happening, and you can get control. Instruction and training are yet another case where remote desktop finds good use.

Remote access (also referred to as remote desktop) also brings you convenience. Imagine that you don’t have to carry around your laptop anymore. A tablet is lighter and handy to use on the go. Just login to your computer from iPad or other gadget – and you have it all at your fingertips (or finger taps).

Security is another reason to use remote access. Your computer with critical data can be miles away while you are working on it, over a secure connection from another device.

Remote access provides substantial benefits to pretty much any computer user. So, why not try and figure out what could be the remote access tool of your dream? Well, in short: it should be secure, easy to use, it should work from mobile devices and be reasonably priced. Let’s see if DeskRoll has the potential to make remote access a pleasant experience and meet your expectations.

DeskRoll’s Benefits



• Is easy of use.
• Offers free full-featured 30 days trial.
• Supports many operating systems (desktop and mobile).
• Provides remote access from all modern mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.).
• Offers pay-as-you-go options (buy licenses only when you use the service).
• Includes unlimited computers per license.
• Includes unlimited devices per license.
• Offers flexible licensing, including discounts and bulk/enterprise options.
• Has high security, with extra security options for enterprise customers.
• Offers lots of customization options, including custom development (see Customization
whitepaper for details).

DeskRoll licensing has been developed with attention to needs of small
businesses. However, enterprise customers won't be disappointed as we are offering
every customization option possible.

How We Compare to Others


Remote access software market is very competitive. Remote access needs went
mainstream over 20 years ago. Naturally, major players have big experience in the field.
However, technologies are developing fast and remote access needs are also evolving.

Resellers and Affiliates

We have programs for resellers and affiliates. We offer individual approach to make
DeskRoll partnership a profitable and pleasant experience for all parties involved.


If you got special needs, then we'll be glad to tailor DeskRoll to meet them in the best
way possible. That includes custom licensing, custom development, localization, etc.
Contact us by email, or we can schedule a call at your convenience.

Advantages over Competitors


• No big initial/lifetime fees.
• No major upgrade fees.
• Lightweight components (quick to download).
• No need for any browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash.
• Fast peer-to-peer connections directly from browser (Google Chrome).
• Custom features/functionality development for enterprise clients.