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Remote Desktop vs Remote Assistance: What Are the Differences?

Remote Desktop vs Remote Assistance

What are the key differences between remote desktop and remote assistance solutions, what are their use cases, advantages and downsides.

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Maximizing Remote Access And Remote Desktop Security

VNC and OpenSSH


Remote access is obviously a very sensitive (often we’d call it intimate) matter. So, security is a major concern here. Many remote desktop software vendors claim their products are secure, but sometimes the details are a bit vague. Let’s try and figure out what we need to know when choosing remote access tools.

The Right Web Browser for Best DeskRoll Experience

In modern times web browsers are the most popular and widely used software. No doubt the Internet is playing an unprecedentedly important role in people's personal and work life. Web browsers provide access to zillions of bytes of information and many thousands of tools used in workflow.

One of such browser-based tools is DeskRoll. It enables access to remote machines without installing additional software on the controlling device.

ComponentSource Phone Numbers Around the Globe

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How Non-IT Companies Benefit from Remote Access

Working on your computer from another computer is nothing new. Then why is it so popular, even among those who are not IT pros or computer enthusiasts? Also, what does remote access mean for your business? 

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Cloud vs. Traditional Hosting and How This Relates to DeskRoll

DeskRoll consists of the web part, the communications server and the client applications. We offer deep the customization of all three. We can brand the website and the client apps and we can deploy the communications server where you deem appropriate.

Remote Access to Apple Macs

There are quite a lot of options to remotely access Macs. For the sake of readability, let us consider them in groups.