Working from mobile devices

Working on-the-go is a good way to spend your time in a more efficient manner. Remote access is best done from a netbook/ultrabook or a tablet PC, although you might try using it on a smartphone (4” or a larger screen is recommended).

Most commonly supported platforms for the operator are Android and iOS. Remote machine is most often running Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Normally, you can find the necessary applications in the platform vendor’s web stores. However, sometimes you could use Flash-based solutions without even installing anything. However, if the browser-based app is not specifically designed for mobile devices, you might find it difficult to use. The thing is, the mobile browser will intercept all drag and drop operations, so you won’t be able to send those to the remote machine.

Still, mobile remote access tools are swiftly developing so there are no industry-standard solutions as such. Examples of mobile apps: DeskRoll, LogMeIn Ignition, TeamViewer Mobile.