What our customers say

I currently use DeskRoll Remote Desktop for accessing different types of personal computers at different organizations with my clients, to troubleshoot hardware and software issues remotely.

It really saves time and resources because of the ability to remote in at any computer. Clients like it because I can remote in at night when they are not using their computers.

Matt Karcher, Karcher Computer Consulting, full review available at TrustRadius

I'm very happy with DeskRoll's service and support. I've used this service for close to two years and found it very beneficial in supporting customers. No requirement for specialized remote software as well as quick and easy for the customer run up. Cross platform support is also handy. I highly recommend Deskroll.

Ted Owen, Computer Services Ltd.

Purplezebra decided to use Deksroll after trialing it out over the first free 30 days. Deskroll appeared to be reasonably priced compared to competitors. As an example we are saving over 8 times the price of what we paid before using a high profile remote assistant solution.

Stuart Draycott, General Manager, Purplezebra LTD, purplezebra.org.uk

The Deskroll program is easy to use, and I have saved many hours of travelling time by logging in remotely and helping my customers without having to drive to the customer's office. My customer gets their problem resolved quickly, and I don't have to waste my time - win/win for everyone!

Victor, Toner Guys, www.tonerguys.ca

You don't have to pay for each connected computer. It's what I really need and like. I have about 100 machines to attended to remotely.

This tool is pretty straightforward and user-friendly. The pricing is more than okay.

Greg, Self-Employed IT Tech
DeskRoll Remote Desktop – a cross-platform remote support solution
Cross-platform remote desktop access

Do remote support with any OS, including mobiles from anywhere. Provide remote assistance to PC and Mac users. Reach your computers securely from any cafe or park.

DeskRoll Remote Desktop - Work in the Browser

Web-based: no admin rights required

Work in your browser without client installation. Get easy secure remote access from any place and device. Forgot a file on home computer? No problem, just connect and copy it with DeskRoll.

DeskRoll Remote Desktop - Feature-rich Remote Assistance Software
Full-featured remote assistance access

View and control remote desktop, send files, use clipboard sync, keyboard shortcuts, built-in text chat, incoming support request notifications and do much more.

DeskRoll Remote Desktop - Reliable connection

Reliable remote connection

It works through firewalls, proxies and NAT. Access remote desktops regardless of your network infrastructure. No need to use VPN or proxy, no need to open additional ports.

DeskRoll Remote Desktop - Secure Access and Management
Secure remote desktop management

Use mass and silent DeskRoll app deployment, share access to computer with secondary accounts and user lists, check session logs, keeps it secure with two-factor authentication.