DeskRoll Makes It Easier

Do remote assistance and support

Sometimes the PC that needs a fix is miles away. That’s where DeskRoll steps in.

  • Сontrol user’s computer remotely with your mouse, keyboard or mobile device.
  • Send files, do instant messaging with user and do so much more with DeskRoll.
  • Some customers may want to let you advise them about documents on their computers only. DeskRoll will allow them to do convenient remote workspace sharing.

Access your home or office computer

When you are or away on a trip, you may need to install updates or look into something on your home or work computer.
Here, DeskRoll will do unattended connections for you. For anytime access, you might want to learn how to do Wake on LAN. In case you can’t bring some office documents to work at home, DeskRoll also comes handy.

Share your desktop

No matter where you are:

  • Show your colleagues presentations or documents.
  • Share files, use instant messaging, do and get remote assistance.