DeskRoll license plans: Starter, Lite, Pro

DeskRoll comes in 3 license plans. Also, self-hosted DeskRoll is offered as a separate product.

The plans are the same in:

  • Functionality (except multi-accounts).
  • Unlimited parallel connection to remote hosts.
  • Connection speed.
  • Technical support priority.

The plans differ in:

  • How many ad-hoc support clients your account may contain.
  • How many unattended access computers you account may contain.
  • Availability of application branding with your company logo (Lite and Pro only).
  • Ability to add sub-accounts (seats) to your account. Then you can share specific computers accross computers (Pro only).

DeskRoll Starter – 3.25 USD per month

DeskRoll Starter is mostly suited for personal and family use. It is offered as an Annual license only.

It includes:

  • 2 ad-hoc support clients.
  • 2 unattended computers.
  • Application branding.
  • Multi-accounts.


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DeskRoll Lite – from 8.25 USD per month

Lite is mostly suited for personal and small business use. It is offered as a Monthly and Annual license. It includes:

  • 5 unattended computers.
  • 5 ad-hoc support clients.
  • Application branding.
  • Multi-accounts.


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DeskRoll Pro – from 24.95 USD per month

Pro is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses and is offer as a Montly and Annual license. It comes with:

  • Unlimited ad-hoc support clients.
  • Unlimited unattended computers.
  • Application branding.
  • Mass deployment of the unattended access application (including silent mode).
  • Multi-accounts. More seats cost cheaper per seat.


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