Using IM chat

IM chat is a handy means of communication with the client. There are two ways of using IM chat, described below.

IM During Remote Desktop Session

You can use text chat in session:

  1. Click IM chat icon on the left.
  2. Use the chat.


IM Before Session

Your client can call for help as follows:

  1. Start DeskRoll.
  2. Use the built-in chat.

Deskroll Remote Desktop - IM Chat - Client Request



You can monitor your clients' calls for help:



  1. On the required client in the list, select Chat. Drag the chat box as appropriate.
  2. Deskroll Remote Desktop - Pre-session IM Chat
  3. Open multiple chat boxes. Minimize them by clicking box title bars. Green box titles indicate new messages from customers.
  4. Deskroll Remote Desktop - Multiple IM Chats