Full feature list


  • Nothing to deploy/roll out. We host everything. Still, you can choose self-hosting as an option.
  • No installation on the technician's side. You only need an HTML-5 compliant browser. No plugins or apps, it's all AJAX.
  • Remote support of Mac users. Mac app is automatically offered to Mac users.
  • Works through firewalls, proxies, NAT. All you need is Internet access, there is nothing to configure.
  • Fast peer-to-peer connections. Connect to computers bypassing communications server for improved speed (chooses p2p automatically, requires Chrome or Firefox).
  • Adjustable quality and speed. On low speed connections, you can choose increased speed over image quality.
  • Session pause. Helps save bandwidth when having multiple open sessions.
  • Automatic app updates. Client apps are automatically updated to the latest version available (no charges for updates).
  • Security. 256-bit AES communications encryption, SSL, protection from passcode guessing attempts.
  • 2 factor authentication. Each time your login to DeskRoll, you enter a dynamic passcode that you get from Google Authenticator on your mobile.


  • Free trial. Fully functional, no credit card required. Your contacts and computers are still there even when your trial ends.
  • Unlimited computers/contacts per account. One account for all your contacts and machines, no extra charge.
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions per account. No limits as long as you have enough bandwidth.
  • One-time and recurring payment plans available. Buy one or more one-time licenses as appropriate or just have a subscription.
  • Custom licensing options. We can arrange bulk licensing discounts and fully custom licensing (if standard personal licensing does not suit you).

Contact Management/Communication

  • Easy contacts/computers management. Computers and contacts are in separate tabs and easily manageable.
  • Contacts/computers grouping. Add contacts/computers into groups for convenience.
  • Quick contact/computer info. Point to a contact to see essential info including hostname, last session time, host IP and connection stats. Add notes to computers/contacts.
  • Pre-session IM chat. Stay connected with clients: see help requests and schedule support sessions.
  • Quick connection for existing customers. No need to enter passcode each time (client is asked if they authorize this).
  • Session statistics tracking. Track session time, IP, duration, etc. Useful for billing customers.

Mobile Devices

  • Connect to computers from mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.). Work from mobile browsers: web interface is optimized for best experience on mobiles.
  • Mobile device gestures support. DeskRoll supports swipes and other gestures (including double-click and right-click emulation).
  • Virtual keyboard. Full on-screen keyboard for mobiles.
  • Android app for Android users. Makes things even more convenient on Android-based gadgets.

In-session Functionality

  • IM chat. Often useful even if you can have a phone conversation.
  • Detailed system information. Comprehensive remote system information, including detailed hardware info, running applications and processes.
  • File transfer in both directions. Send files (and get files from the remote machine) directly through DeskRoll.
  • Clipboard sync. Copy and paste text to/from remote computer's clipboard. All clipboard sync features are only available in Google Chrome.
  • Key combinations support. Send Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+A and other Windows and Mac key combinations via DeskRoll's main menu.
  • Change system resolution from DeskRoll menu. Quickly change remote system resolution without digging into system settings.
  • Dual monitors support. Switch between monitors in a dual monitor setup on the remote machine.
  • Start as admin. When UAC is on, get elevated permissions on the remote machine to run apps, etc.
  • Product branding/relabeling. Customize remote support app with your custom logo.