Troubleshooting DeskRoll remote support application

DeskRoll application doesn't download:

  1. Make sure there are no warnings/notifications from the browser about the download.
  2. Ask the client to save the file to another location that's accessible to all users (e.g. Downloads folder).

DeskRoll application doesn't start:

  1. Make sure the client is running a Mac (OS X) or a Windows PC (XP or later).
  2. Ask the client to check if DeskRoll app has been quarantined by the antivirus.
  3. Ask the client to re-download the app.

Can't get the code or make remote session:

  1. Ask the client to check for any firewall warnings or notifications (including system tray messages). Make sure the client allows inbound/outbound DeskRoll connections.
  2. Make sure the client correctly tells you the six-digit code.