Self-hosted DeskRoll

DeskRoll works in web browsers, so all features are available to the end user from the DeskRoll's web site at Also, certain communications go through DeskRoll server (including all data transfers when it's not possible to establish direct host-to-host connection). Besides, for certain businesses, using a third party web site for remote access may be a questionable decision.

So, we are offering standalone DeskRoll that can be hosted by our customers in-house or in the cloud.


Standalone DeskRoll is not only about look and feel but also increased security:

  • You have full control of the communications server.
  • Your application connects only to the sessions made at your server.
  • You can have components for quick and secure mass deployment of the tool.


Having your dedicated communications server in a certain geographic location may improve performance.

For further information about branding and custom licensing contact us at Deskroll Remote Desktop - Sales Email