Betas and Early Access

About Beta Releases

We welcome anyone test-driving our beta releases. However, these releases are NOT recommended for use in your production environment or for providing commercial services.

After a public beta testing has ended, the beta applications will normally update to the most recent production release version.

If you catch a bug, please send us a bug report with application logs:

  • Unattended Access application for Windows: open Contact Us tab, enter any message and click Send.
  • Remote Support application for Windows: run the EXE file with --debug=on key. You will find the logs at same location as the EXE. Email the logs to support (at)
  • Remote Support application for Linux: run deskroll --debug=<LEVEL> where <LEVEL> is log detail level from 0 to 3. By default, the logs are saved to /temp/deskroll You can choose a different path: --debug=<LEVEL> --log_path=<PATH>

Change Lists

No change lists for betas yet.