Mobile application: features and licensing

You can use DeskRoll from mobile devices in two ways:

  • Just use your mobile web browser to access DeskRoll account and remote desktop functions. This includes pretty much any modern device (Android, Apple, Blackberry devices, etc.).
  • On Android, use the DeskRoll Remote Desktop app from Google Play.


DeskRoll Remote Desktop - QR Code

DeskRoll App for Android

DeskRoll app for Android gives you access to your DeskRoll account and remote desktop functions. It provides the following advantages:

  • It's better tailored specifically for use with Android devices.
  • It provides an app shortcut for easy remote access.
  • You don't pay any extras to use the app, just login with your DeskRoll account credentials.

We are now developing a completely reworked Android application. Stay tuned!

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