Upgrading licenses

License upgrade process

You can upgrade your license by clicking Upgrade in the profile or on the Billing page. Then you are offered to choose the new license.




The upgrade process works as follows:

  1. You are offered to purchase a new license (you can enter coupon codes, if any).
  2. Remaining days of the old license are credited toward the new license.

This way, you are buying the target license in advance for the full time period and get extra days from the old license. 

If you don't really need so many license days, drop us a message, and we'll arrange a custom upgrade.

License upgrade example

You have DeskRoll Lite – 1 Year (stock price 99 USD) and 128 days of the license still remain.

You want to upgrade to DeskRoll Pro 1 Seat – 1 Year (stock price 299.5 USD).

You have a 100 USD discount coupon (you got it after an opinion poll in a newsletter shortly after registration).

Here's how your remaining Lite days are converted to Pro (... means the number is too long to display here):

1. Calculate old Lite license cost per day: 
99 USD : 365 days = 0.271... USD

2. Calculate the remaining credit for 128 days of Lite:
0.271... USD * 128 = 34.717... USD

3. Calculate new Pro license cost per day:
299.5 USD : 365 days = 0.820... USD

4. Convert the remaining Lite credit from Step 2 to Pro days:
34.717... : 0.820 USD = 42.3 days of Pro

This way, after entering the coupon code, you will be offered to buy DeskRoll Pro 1 Seat – 1 Year at 199.5 USD.

Upon purchase, you will be given 365 + 42.3 = 408 days of Pro.