How secure is DeskRoll?

In implementing security policies, measures and processes, DeskRoll relies on the following regulatory documents and guidelines:

We use secure development and testing practices in-house, we make sure that all data is encrypted and security policies are followed. DeskRoll users are informed about best security practices.

Secure Communications

DeskRoll Remote Desktop connects to your remote computer via a secure communication channel. Our servers act as brokers to establish connections and re-send the data when necessary. We do not store any of your data.

Account Confirmation

DeskRoll users who have not confirmed their email addresses cannot use remote access functionality.

Remote Session Password

When doing first-time support session with a client, a six-digit password from the client is necessary. If the client chooses to permanently install DeskRoll, then no password will be required next time. Still, a direct client's permission will be required to do support. DeskRoll uses advanced security mechanisms to protect users from password guessing attempts.