The Best Way to Access a Friend’s Computer Remotely

If you're defined as a 'tech person' among your friends, sometimes you're suddenly called and asked for some urgent help with troubleshooting on their computers. We created this instruction to assist you with the way how to access a friend's computer remotely. It shows the simple step-by-step charge-free method of remote access to someone else's computer. It's relevant whether for Mac or Windows PC and the only thing you need is a web browser with an internet connection.

For the task, we will use DeskRoll remote access app because it has a free version and doesn't require any installation. So, let's start!


Step 1 – Sing Up on

Open Enter your email and make a password.

Step 2 – Confirm email

After you sign up, it shows you a Computers page and on the top side, you see the pop-up with activation request. Click on Activate button and check out your inbox. After activation, go back to the Computers page and click the Clients tab.

Step 3 – Run the app on the friend’s computer

Send this link to your friend and instruct him to install and run the app. Then he should tell you the code generated by the application.

Step 4 – Get access to a friend’s computer remotely

Enter the code into the Client password field, and click the Connect button. Tell your friend to allow remote access by clicking Yes in the dialog box that appears on his computer.

Now remote access starting! After 4 easy steps, you can fix everything on your friend's computer. Use this method anytime from anywhere if you need to take remote support. There are several ways to remote access, but this is the simplest one.