What's New

October 15, 2018
  • Now monitor names are displayed in the DeskRoll menu.
  • Many website improvements for better information display and usability.
October 10, 2018

Numerous backend infrastructure improvements and updates.

September 12, 2018

Implemented mass deployment and branding of the Unattended Access application.

September 7, 2018

Linux remote support application released.

August 28, 2018

Now remote session display settings are saved and restored from your last session (for each machine).

August 14, 2018 – Win 2.5.1
  • Fixed several remote desktop streaming artifacts.
  • Fixed clipboard issue with Ctrl+C.
August 10, 2018 – web update

Implemented mass client deployment.

June 28, 2018 – web update

Windows client auto-update fix.

May 31, 2018 – web update
  • Implemented snapshot sending for Windows UA client.
  • A minor user registration process fix.
April 25, 2018 – web update

Some website templates are now dynamic.

April 23, 2018 – web client v2.01
  • Fixed account invite issue.
  • Redirect issue fix.
  • A few minor visual fixes and improvements.
April 20, 2018 – web update

Improved internal deployment scripts

April 12, 2018 – Win client v2.4
  • Numerous fixes and optimizations.
  • Added statistics to improve user experience.
April 4, 2018 – web update

Moved some website pages to new platform to improve performance.

Win client v2.4.3
  • Now you can disable the second monitor in three-monitor configurations.
  • Fixed system display resolution restore after disconnect.
March 16, 2018 – web client v1.27.2
  • Implemented session auto-reconnect for Mac clients.
  • Numerous bug fixes and optimizations.
February 27, 2018 – web client v1.27
  • Paging for session logs list.
  • Numerous GUI fixes and improvements in the web client.
February 8, 2018 – Win clients update

Implemented session auto-reconnect for Windows clients.

January 25, 2018 – web client v1.26
  • Improved notifications and newsletters sending process
  • Fixed clients/computers details display in mobile app
December 28. 2017 – web client v1.25
  • Fixed blurred dialogs
  • Improved invoice templates
  • Enable after-session comments for everyone
  • Miscellaneous visual improvements and fixes
November 22, 2017 – web client v1.24

network limitations for online demo

December 12, 2017 – web update
  • Added after-session comments.
  • Improved customer invoice generation, added customizable fields.
  • Now customer invoices can be saved in PDF.
  • Many GUI improvements for mobiles (new menus, popups, etc.).
  • Added on-screen instruction for mobiles.
Misc fixes
  • Fixed buy with offline computers showing as online.
  • Fixed file transfer progress notification lag.
  • Fixed IM chat issues with text copying via clipboard.
  • Many minor website usability fixes.
Win client
  • Reboot to safe mode.
  • UAC screens are now visible for remote support sessions.
Win client
  • Peer-to-peer connections now working with latest Firefox builds.
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.
Win client
  • Change screen resolution from DeskRoll menu.
  • Ctrl+A shortcut support added.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
Win client
  • Enabled p2p connection attempts after remote session start.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.
Win client 2.0
  • Completely reworked unattended access for improved ease of use.
  • Added automatic reconnection after remote reboot (for remote support and unattended access apps for Windows).
  • Fixed connection issue on Windows XP.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
Win client 1.9.1
  • Mac client now supports peer-to-peer connections.
  • Clipboard copy now works with Mac client.
  • Key combinations can now be sent to Macs.
  • Fixed Mac double-click issue.
  • Fixed Mac black screen issue.
Win client 1.9
  • Clipboard sync (Copy+Paste across local and remote computer, currently only for Chrome).
  • Peer-to-peer connections in Firefox.
  • Fix: control keys not working when there is an RDP window parallel to DeskRoll.
  • Fix: crash on some dual monitor setups.
Win client
  • Clipboard sync (Copy+Paste across local and remote computer, currently only for Chrome).
  • Fix: control keys not working when there is an RDP window parallel to DeskRoll.
  • Fix: crash on some dual monitor setups.
Win client 1.8
  • DeskRoll now connects to user-attended Macs (remote support mode, Clients tab).
Win client 1.7
  • Sorting computers and client by their status (online/offline).
  • Improvements and bug fixes.
Win client 1.6
  • Peer-to-peer connections when working in Google Chrome: 3-5 times more speed.
  • Time zone support for reporting.
  • Computers and clients grouping.
Win client 1.5.4
  • Demo machine for testing DeskRoll in remote support and unattended access modes.
Win client 1.5
  • Start as Admin button for the Technician.
Win client 1.4
  • For tablets: add control responsiveness by drawing mouse pointer locally (instead of getting it from the remote computer).
  • Zipped logs for bug reports.
Win client 1.3
  • Tooltip (hint) for the unattended access application.
  • Adjustable performance and image quality.
  • Account unlinking confirmation for unattended access.
  • Main website fixes for tablets.
Win client 1.2
  • Viewport fixes for tablets.
  • Enabled image caching for viewport.
  • Correct operation under Windows 8.
Win client 1.1
  • Drag & drop for tablets.
  • Virtual keyboard.
Win client 1.0.39
  • Sped up viewport loading.
  • Fixed keyboard sticking.
Win client 1.0
  • Added technician name into IM chat.
  • Disabled client-side scaling.
  • Facebook integration.