Making a remote support session

You can control your client's/friend's/colleague's computer to solve problems and do maintenance. You can also configure 24/7 remote access to a computer (and that is a different workflow).

First, you'll need to sign up if you don't have a DeskRoll account yet.

Then do the following to make an ad-hoc support session:

1. In your DeskRoll account, open the Clients tab.

2. If your partner is on Linux, then they need to install using the Linux installation guide and then proceed to step 3.

If your partner is on Windows or Mac, ask them to click Join Session (the green button on the home page at and download and run the application when prompted.

3. Tell your partner to tell you the six-digit code generated by the application.

4. On the Clients tab, enter the code into the box and click Connect.