Multi-user accounts - setting up access to computers

Sharing computers across accounts

To setup access to computers:

  • Buy a DeskRoll Pro license with 2+ seats (buy now).
  • Add user(s) to your Master account (explained here).

Case 1: Share Master's computer with Sub-accounts

To share a computer from your Master account to all Sub-accounts:

  1. In your Master account, open Computers.
  2. Click Access... on the desired computer and you will be able to choose from 3 options:
  • All subaccounts – share computer to all subaccounts.
  • Subaccounts that I choose – select subaccounts from the list.
  • No one but me – the computer is accessible from your account only.

Case 2: Share sub-account's computer with Master account

To share a computer that's in your Sub-account with your Master account:

  1. In your Sub-account, open Computers.
  2. Click Edit... on the desired computer and then click Share with Master.

Now the Sub-account still has access to that computer, but Master can edit or remove it or share it with other Sub-accounts.

Side notes

  • Master's DeskRoll Pro license covers all its Sub-accounts.
  • Computer sharing is only available for unattended access hosts (Computers tab), not ad-hoc support (Clients tab). Each Client can be linked to multiple DeskRoll accounts, though.
  • Thus, one computer can be accessible from multiple DeskRoll accounts. Note that at any given time, only one DeskRoll account can do a remote control session with such shared computer.