Privacy In Windows 7 – How To Disable Telemetry Data Collection

Windows 10 has tons of nice features. Still, some people stick to Windows 7 or 8.1 for the sake of privacy. However, this kind of conservatism doesn't make much sense. While the problem isn't that big, it’s still there on Windows 7 and 8.1.

We have already described which updates can be removed from Windows 7 and 8.1 for privacy concerns in a separate guide. This guide will explain how to disable some system options to prevent certain data collection by Microsoft.

While all the actions listed herein are pretty much safe, creating a system restore point won’t hurt. You do all the changes at your own risk.

1. Basic setup


Windows 7 offers users to participate in user activity research by Microsoft. You can opt-out of this data collection program.

Open Control Panel -> Action Center -> Change Action Center settings.

At the bottom of the window, click Customer Experience Improvement Program settings and choose No, I don't want to participate in the program. Save Settings.

3. Updates list


We have already published an update removal guide. Feel free to remove and disable those updates so they won't be installed in the future.

4. Disable telemetry services (using cmd)


If you have removed the updates from the Step 3, you won’t need to disable the services in this step. Feel free to move to Step 5.

There are a couple of services responsible for data collection. We’ll turn them off via command line. Open Start menu, type cmd, right-click and Run as Administrator.

Type the following commands into the command prompt:

sc stop DiagTrack

sc stop dmwappushservice

sc delete DiagTrack

sc delete dmwappushservice

echo "" > C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl

5. Scheduled tasks


We need to disable some tasks scheduled by Windows as they collect data and send it to Microsoft.

Open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools ->Task Scheduler.

In the left-hand menu, open Task Scheduler (local) -> Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows and disable the following entries:

Open Task Scheduler (local) -> Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Office and disable OfficeTelemetryAgentFallBack and OfficeTelemetryAgentLogOn.

Note that some items might be missing. Just be sure you’ve checked all available at the designated location. Then reboot the PC.

6. Hosts file (block certain resources, domains list)


Next thing is to block certain domain addresses. Place the following strings into your hosts file (normally, located under C://Windows/System32/Drivers/Etc): msedge.net a-msedge.net a-0001.a-msedge.net a-0002.a-msedge.net a-0003.a-msedge.net a-0004.a-msedge.net a-0005.a-msedge.net a-0006.a-msedge.net a-0007.a-msedge.net a-0008.a-msedge.net a-0009.a-msedge.net a1095.g2.akamai.net ad.doubleclick.net adnexus.net adnxs.com secure.adnxs.com m.adnxs.com ads1.msads.net ads1.msn.com ads2.msn.com flex.msn.com g.msn.com h2.msn.com h1.msn.com a.ads1.msn.com a.ads2.msn.com a.ads2.msads.net live.rads.msn.com ads2.msn.com.c.footprint.net apps.skype.com ui.skype.com aka-cdn-ns.adtech.de az361816.vo.msecnd.net az512334.vo.msecnd.net bs.serving-sys.com msntest.serving-sys.com telemetry.microsoft.com ca.telemetry.microsoft.com c.msn.com aidps.atdmt.com view.atdmt.com ec.atdmt.com c.atdmt.com db3aqu.atdmt.com cdn.atdmt.com msftncsi.com www.msftncsi.com choice.live.com choice.microsoft.com choice.microsoft.com.nsatc.net compatexchange.cloudapp.net corpext.msitadfs.glbdns2.microsoft.com corp.sts.microsoft.com cs1.wpc.v0cdn.net df.telemetry.microsoft.com e9946.g.akamaiedge.net fe2.update.microsoft.com.akadns.net fe3.delivery.dsp.mp.microsoft.com.nsatc.net microsoft-hohm.com feedback.microsoft-hohm.com feedback.search.microsoft.com feedback.windows.com i1.services.social.microsoft.com i1.services.social.microsoft.com.nsatc.net i.s1.social.ms.akadns.net lb1.www.ms.akadns.net legacy-redirection-neurope-prod-hp.cloudapp.net oca.telemetry.microsoft.com oca.telemetry.microsoft.com.nsatc.net onesettings-hk2.metron.live.com.nsatc.net pre.footprintpredict.com preview.msn.com ads.msn.com rad.msn.com rad.live.com b.rad.msn.com b.ads2.msads.net b.ads1.msn.com ac3.msn.com a.rad.msn.com cds26.ams9.msecn.net m.hotmail.com secure.flashtalking.com static.2mdn.net s0.2mdn.net redirection.prod.cms.msn.com redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net redir.metaservices.microsoft.com redir.metaservices.microsoft.com.akadns.net redir.metaservices.microsoft.com.edgesuite.net wes.df.telemetry.microsoft.com reports.wes.df.telemetry.microsoft.com services.wes.df.telemetry.microsoft.com settings.data.glbdns2.microsoft.com settings.data.microsoft.com settings-sandbox.data.glbdns2.microsoft.com settings-sandbox.data.microsoft.com settings-win.data.microsoft.com schemas.microsoft.akadns.net siweb.microsoft.akadns.net sls.update.microsoft.com.akadns.net spynet2.microsoft.akadns.net spynet2.microsoft.com spynetalt.microsoft.akadns.net spynetalt.microsoft.com spyneteurope.microsoft.akadns.net sqm.df.telemetry.microsoft.com sqm.telemetry.microsoft.com sqm.telemetry.microsoft.com.nsatc.net ssw.live.com ssw.live.com.nsatc.net s.gateway.messenger.live.com statsfe1.ws.microsoft.com statsfe1.ws.microsoft.com.nsatc.net statsfe2.update.microsoft.com.akadns.net statsfe2.ws.microsoft.com statsfe2.ws.microsoft.com.nsatc.net support.msn.microsoft.akadns.net watson.microsoft.com survey.watson.microsoft.com telecommand.telemetry.microsoft.com telecommand.telemetry.microsoft.com.nsatc.net telemetry.appex.bing.net telemetry.appex.search.prod.ms.akadns.net telemetry.urs.microsoft.com t.urs.microsoft.com.nsatc.net vortex.data.glbdns2.microsoft.com vortex.data.metron.live.com.nsatc.net vortex-bn2.metron.live.com.nsatc.net vortex-cy2.metron.live.com.nsatc.net vortex.data.microsoft.com vortex-db5.metron.live.com.nsatc.net vortex-sandbox.data.glbdns2.microsoft.com vortex-sandbox.data.microsoft.com vortex-win.data.metron.live.com.nsatc.net vortex-win.data.microsoft.com watson.live.com watson.microsoft.com.nsatc.net watson.ppe.telemetry.microsoft.com watson.telemetry.microsoft.com watson.telemetry.microsoft.com.nsatc.net

To modify the file, open it Notepad as Administrator, then apply and save the changes.


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