Full List of Browser-Based Remote Control Features

Deployment and Connectivity

No installation on the technician's side

DeskRoll is a Browser-Based Remote Control, so you need just an HTML5-compliant browser. No plugins or apps - it's all AJAX.

Mass deployment of DeskRoll

You can mass deploy MSI or EXE packages to your computers. These computers will automatically become available for connection in your account.

Fast peer-to-peer connections

Connect to computers bypassing communications server for great speed and responsiveness.

Adjustable quality and speed

On low-speed connections, you can choose increased speed over image quality.

Works through firewalls, proxies, NAT

All you need is Internet access - there is nothing to configure for Browser-Based Remote Control.

Automatic app updates

Client apps are automatically updating to the latest version available without charges for updates.

Contact Management and Communication

Easy contacts/computers management

Computers and contacts are in separate tabs, and it’s easy to manage.

Contacts and computers grouping

Add contacts and computers in groups for convenience.

Quick connection for existing customers

There is no need to enter a passcode each time (clients should decide whether they allow it).

Pre-session IM chat

Stay connected with clients: you can see help requests and schedule for support sessions.

Quick contact and computer info

You can see essential contact info on hover, including hostname, last session time, IP, etc. Add notes to the computer and contact if needs.

Session statistics tracking

Track session time, IP, duration, etc. It’s useful for billing customers.

Trial, Licensing and Customization

Free trial

Fully functional, no credit card required. The only limitation is that branding is not available, and session time is limited.

One-time and recurring payments

Buy one or more one-time licenses as appropriate or just have a subscription.

Unlimited computers/contacts plans

One account for all your contacts and machines, no extra charge.

Unlimited concurrent sessions plans

No limits as long as you have enough bandwidth.

Custom licensing options

We can arrange bulk licensing discounts and fully custom licensing (if standard personal licensing does not suit you).

Product branding/relabeling

Customize remote support app with your custom logo.

In-session Browser-Based Remote Control Features

IM chat

Often useful even if you can have a phone conversation.

File transfer in both directions

Send files and get files from the remote machine directly through Browser-Based Remote Control.

Detailed system information

Comprehensive remote system info, including detailed hardware info, running applications and processes.

Start as admin

When UAC is on, get elevated permissions on the remote machine to run apps, etc.

Flexible display management

Change screen resolution, work with multiple monitors, restore display settings from previous sessions.

Session pause and resume

Helps save bandwidth when having multiple open sessions.

Clipboard sync

Copy and paste text to or from remote computer's clipboard. All clipboard sync features are available in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Key combinations support

Send Ctrl+Alt+Del, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+A and other Windows and Mac key combinations via DeskRoll's main menu.