Making it worth your while

With DeskRoll you can save money or earn more (or both). Multiple seat licenses are a great way to increase your profit margin. Also, we are offering .

Making/Saving money with multi-seat licenses

$4-$7/moper seat

Buy additional seats for your Pro license instead of multiple Starter, Lite or Pro licenses at full cost.
With Pro seats you can make sub-accounts inside your master account. This way:
  • Both you and your customers/colleagues will access their computers through separate accounts.
  • You will be able to grant access to specific computers to specific customers ("granular access").
  • You will manage your license and the sub-accounts in one place.
  • With each seat costing only $4-$7/mo, you will be saving and earning.

See for yourself how friendly multiple seat pricing scales with your customer base (or team size).

This means you can charge your customers less while making a larger profit margin.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 0 Customer/team accounts, persons Monthly license cost, USD

Affiliate program

For our affiliate program we use the platform provided by Cleverbridge. You can sign up as an affiliate here. Affiliates are able to track sales via a convenient dashboard and get detailed reports on conversions, generated traffic, etc. We do not force minimum monthly sales. We are offering the following standard terms.

Commission percentages (per licenses sold monthly):

  • 30 % – 1-5 licenses,
  • 40 % – 6-10 licenses,
  • 45 % – 11-25 licenses,
  • more % if you sell more.

Affiliate discounts for your customers:

  • 15 % off DeskRoll Lite Monthly ($12.95) and DeskRoll Pro Monthly ($29.95).
  • 20 % off DeskRoll Lite Annual ($99) and DeskRoll Pro Annual ($299.95).
  • 25 % off DeskRoll Self-Hosted (applies to base license cost only – $1900).

Feel free to sign up as an affiliate with us. We'll review your application within 2 business days and reply.

Sign up as an affiliate

DeskRoll Self-Hosted

The base price for Self-hosted is $1900. Also, there is an optional annual version update and technical support fee of $850.
For the money you get:

  • Unlimited seats and 10 parallel connections.
  • Fully customizable back end.
  • Communication server hosted on your designated location (cloud, on the premises, colocation, etc.).
  • Assistance from our dev team on the deployment and integration.
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