How DeskRoll Keeps It Secure

AES Encryption and SSL

  • DeskRoll implements industry standard AES encryption using 256 and 128 bit keys.
  • To see DeskRoll’s security certificate information (including company details), click the lock icon in your web browser.

Two-Factor Authentication and Secondary Passwords

  • You carry your mobile device as a required means of authentication (works similar to 2FA mechanism used in Gmail). This application does not require an Internet connection on your mobile to function. This feature is currently in closed beta testing.
  • Inside DeskRoll, you may specify a password for each unattended machine.

Self-hosted DeskRoll

  • You can have a license that comes with a self-hosted communication server and website.
  • You can modify look and feel and the way user and session authorization works.

Session History Logging

  • All remote sessions are logged and cannot be deleted.
  • Each month you can opt to receive a summary of session count and other service use metrics.

Client Application for Ad-hoc Support

  • For ad-hoc remote support, user permission-only access is possible. The remote support application is deleted after session, unless the remote users explicitly decides to keep it.
  • Unattended access is offered as a separate application.