Remote Access Tool for Team Work

DeskRoll Pro – 1 Seat is for 1 person. DeskRoll Pro licenses with 2+ seats add more persons and team management features. Each additional seat costs $4-7 per month, depending on the number of seats.

Multi-seat licenses make it possible to link 2 or more accounts to:

  • Colleagues.
  • Customers.
  • Outsourcers.
Therefore, each category has a separate login. Of course, you can keep specific machines to be accessible from the Master account only.

Temporary Access

For example, you have an outsourcing partner who is providing remote deployment services for your project. They already use DeskRoll in-house, so you temporarily link their account to yours and give them access to the server to do the deployment jobs.
Once your partner has delivered, you unlink their account, therefore, revoking access to your machines. And they continue using DeskRoll in-house as they previously did.