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Staying Safe On the Internet

The Internet provides access to an ocean of information as well as many ways of wasting spending your time, finding a job and doing pretty much anything you want. From the very start, there've been ways to steal data, money and engage in other indictable offenses. As the Internet was developing and getting more popular, it came to provide more ways to abuse the technology. The recent incindent in Q4 2014 when Sony Pictures leaked private data has again demonstrated that security is a big concern. It wasn't just an ordinary data leak. The company leaked the personal information of its employees and unreleased movies, and this has increased the political tension between the USA and North Korea even further.

Useful Links

Some useful links.

How Non-IT Companies Benefit from Remote Access

Working on your computer from another computer is nothing new. Then why is it so popular, even among those who are not IT pros or computer enthusiasts? Also, what does remote access mean for your business? 

DeskRoll on the Web

Here goes a small list of links that mention DeskRoll.

Cloud vs. Traditional Hosting and How This Relates to DeskRoll

DeskRoll consists of the web part, the communications server and the client applications. We offer deep the customization of all three. We can brand the website and the client apps and we can deploy the communications server where you deem appropriate.

Remote Access to Apple Macs

There are quite a lot of options to remotely access Macs. For the sake of readability, let us consider them in groups.

What You Can Do When There's No Internet Connection

You are supporting a customer remotely but suppose that you (or they) have no Internet connection. What's next?

Windows UAC - Remote Access Tips and Workarounds

UAC (User Account Control) is an extra layer of security introduced in Windows Vista. It suspends any application you want to run: a dialog box pops up asking for an explicit permission to run the app. While offering extra security, UAC certainly complicates remote support because you lose control over the remote machine in some cases.

But let's see what other options we have here. All workarounds suggested are for Windows 7 but they also should work in Vista and Windows 8.

The Sysadmin Song!

This song was presumably written by the guy who's the owner of deadtroll.com :)

Managing Your Inventory

Obviously, as you are getting more customers (and bigger customers), your managed IT assets grow, sometimes exponentially. Keeping all stuff in separate Excel sheets might be a problem. You have to buy software and hardware, keep track of users, you’d want to know what software is installed and where it is, etc.