DeskRoll Tutorial

1 Getting Started

This tutorial will help users to learn DeskRoll step by step. It is recommeneded for new or experienced users.

1.1 What is DeskRoll?

1.2 System Requirements

1.3 Features

1.4 Your DeskRoll Account

1.5 Licesing

DeskRoll is a subscription based service. Pay as you go and get only features you need. Free trial is available.

  1. Getting a trial
  2. Purchsaing a license (TBD)
  3. Applying promo codes
  4. Upgrading (TBD)

2 Interface and main website

This section describes DeskRoll web interface: a place where you do a remote control, add or remove your machines and much more. Web interface is fully avaialble on and no additional installation is required.

2.1 Clients & Computers

  • Clients tab is a place for all RD-related tasks. RD is used for one-time support sessions. Once finished, RD can optionally be kept on a machine by user for continuous support.
  • Computers tab is a page for unattended access (UA).

2.2 Mass deployment & Branding

Mass deployment is currently supported on Windows for Unattended Access of remote machines. When DeskRoll UA is installed, the machine can be accessed from Computers tab.

Branding can be used to customize DeskRoll clients by adding your company's logo and name. Branding is supported on Windows and macOS.

2.3 Sharing access (multi-accounts)

2.4 Widgets: getting DeskRoll to your website

2.5 Reporting

3 Remote Desktop (RD)

DeskRoll RD doesn't require installation or elevated permissions. A quick and easy solution for one time remote support sessions.

4 Unattended Access (UA)

DeskRoll UA is a remote unattended access solution. Currently, it only supports Windows machines only. UA can be automatically deployed on a large number of machines.

5 Viewport Session

6 DeskRoll Mobile for Android

DeskRoll Mobile for Android currently supports only remote control. Unfortunately remote control of mobile devices is not possible with DeskRoll.